Clever IKEA Ad Campaign Will Make You Change Your Perspective On Their Furniture

IKEA is known the world over for having easy to assemble furniture and delicious Swedish meatballs. What some may not know, however, is how affordable their furniture can be. In an ad campaign for Saudi Arabia, the company cleverly portrays this message through creative images of their products built from smaller, less expensive objects.

IKEA ad campaign table

Each image features a piece of furniture available at their many locations, but instead of a picture of the product itself, the image of the furniture piece is actually comprised of smaller everyday objects accompanied with the tagline “It’s that affordable.” The ads spotlight products such as the Fjellse ( bed frame) made of a series of stamps, the Selje (a bedside table) constructed from a set of toothbrush tubes, and the Lack (a TV bench) made of coffee cups and sugar packets. The brightly colored images are eye-catching and they definitely get the message across that IKEA is that affordable.

IKEA ad campaign bedside

The creatives behind the campaign are the geniuses at UAE-based agency Memac Ogilvy & Mather. Check out some of their other projects here.

IKEA ad campaign bookshelf IKEA ad campaign lamp

[Via: Ads of the World]


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