Climate Change Ad Campaign, by Ontario's Government and Grey Canada,

Campaign Won’t Make Climate Change Be Our Kids’ Problem

Climate change should be a priority. While it is in some circles, we need the reminder that it demands the attention of many and most, not just the usual environmental crusaders. It’s a decaying of our planet and its beautiful resources, and we are draining it thoroughly. That’s why the government of Ontario had Grey Canada drum up an ad campaign to drive the point home with kids.

The one-two punch of putting the task on children and then them indignant about it certainly hits. You feel guilty and you should. Your generation, as the generation before, either didn’t consider it a problem or didn’t solve it. Kids are coming up in this world with a gigantic weight on their shoulders, needing to solve one of the greatest problems in the modern era, one they were largely handed. It’s not good and you need to remember that.

See the ad campaign below.

[via Adweek]
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