You Have To Check Out These Beautiful Infographics

Originally from mainland China, London-based Jing Zhang is a brilliant illustrator that designs beautiful 3-D illustrations that look like infographics, but upon closer inspection, are actually whimsical informative maps or object breakdowns. With clients mostly from the advertising industry, this YCN Professional award winner is known for her bright designs and ability to make illustrations cute without falling into the squee category. Her fanciful images can teach anything from how to build the perfect burger or construct the best bowl of ramen, to what is actually going on inside a cat person’s head and what components make up a sweet tooth. Her ability to make the images accessible and cheerful is what drives companies to continually return to her and appreciate the quality of work that she puts out. Zhang enjoys working on advertising commissions as well as travel-related pieces. 

cat person infographics

A colorfully illustrated infographic of the mind of a cat person.

Zhang is able to create ornate and complex illustrations, or in her words: “Intricate, architectural and complex, the opposite of minimalism, like small worlds inside most things.” She has worked on brands such as Honda, Samsung, Target, Visa, and Spring, the name a few.

Check out more of her work here.

teapot infographics

An adorable teapot that will help you brew the best tea.

sweet tooth infographics

What’s your sweet tooth made of?

[Via: Robot Mafia]

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