The Interview, by Miami Ad School Toronto

This Ad Shows You Why No Feedback is Terrible for an Artist

An artist shouldn’t avoid criticism. If you want compliments, hand your work over to your mom. If you want helpful advice about your strengths and weaknesses or insight into your skill set, make sure your art is in the hands of someone who will tell you the truth. The only way to improve is by knowing what makes your art good and what can make it profound. To remind you of such a point, the Miami Ad School Toronto produced a scene of a working artist and his critic of sorts that’s seemingly dreamlike, which in reality is of course a nightmare.

Made by John St. Advertising, the ad for ad school is spot on, showing the reviewer raving right and left without any hesitation of details. It’s just blanket statements about the portfolio being the best. The advertising agency is known for its spoof-driven truth, best exemplified by their “Catvertising” video, and this one’s the worst scenario for any artist trying to get better.

See the dreaded interview below.

[via AdWeek]
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