Periodic Table of Global Issues, by Kaanchi Chopra

Student Creates Periodic Table of Global Issues to Make You Aware

Have you ever seen, or even considered, the periodic table of society? What makes us as a civilized species so perplexed and troubled? We keep a continually epic score of issues we in no way collectively agree on, and it’s made for less-than-stellar peacekeeping the world over. However, it all too often seems elusive and complex. That’s why17-year-old Kaanchi Chopra listed out 90+ global issues as a tremendous reminder.

“I was reminded of how we used to make numerous mnemonics to memorize the elements and realized that each and every symbol of the elements in the periodic table was an acronym of a global issue.”

The Grade-12 student and aspiring artist in Delhi, India, wants to make problems clearer in hopes of making them less prevalent.

“I made this table to spread awareness about these issues and the immediate need to work harder to solve them. I hope to encourage people to become more inclusive and talk about these movements and rights more openly.”

[via Mashable]
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