These Organ Donation Ads Will Make You Want to Be a Better Human

Saving a life is not an easy ordeal. Mentally, emotionally, and physically, the process of rescuing a fellow human from death is no breezy task for one’s existence. Whether it’s pulling someone out of the way of oncoming traffic, motivating someone out of addiction, or donating an organ, it’s a big, beautiful, crazy deal. Not all, however, are established processes like the last example. Not all can be as effectively encouraged as donating an organ to keep another person in this world. Not all are as stunningly designed in their presentation as these organ donation ads by DDB.

The folks at the global advertising agency’s office in Argentina came up with this these organ donation ads, aiming to show the saving of a life in a remarkably equal portrayal that’s as conceptual as it is literal. By doing so, the ads summarize such a gigantic ordeal into a seemingly clean and focused notion.

Behold the power of this message below.

Organ Donor Ad, by DDB Argentina

Organ Donor Ad, by DDB Argentina

Organ Donor Ad, by DDB (Argentina)


[via Ads of the World]
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