Real DNA Was Used In The Creation Of The Lifeblood Brand

Lots of people use their names to brand their company. Others use their faces. The guys behind lifeblood use their DNA markers.

The brand and logo for Brooklyn-based agency, lifeblood, is made up from sequences of DNA unique to the company co-founders, Travis Weihermuller and Dominic Santalucia.


“To get our DNA in a visual form we had our DNA analyzed from a lab pulling specific sequences that are unique to each individual. These results were broken into lines of equal length, the breaks in the lines formed the DNA code. What makes us human is not the lines themselves but what lies between the lines. Our new identity was born,” the website states.

lifeblood squares

Different mediums display the look of their brand and logo differently, but that isn’t a problem for Weihermuller and Santalucia … it just enhances the core concept behind their vision.

“The lines are used in randomly generated sequences throughout different mediums to show how the identity adapts wherever it resides,” the co-founders say. “Although similar in nature, each application shows slightly different sequences. As the agency grows so will the amount of DNA sequences. This makes the identity constantly growing and evolving.”

lifeblood vert

To be honest, the idea behind this company sounds really interesting, but is a little hard to follow. This isn’t a problem for the duo either.

“The design was made to be loved or hated,” they say. “We decided to create something that might be controversial in its simplicity and execution, and if everyone loves it great. If everyone hates, it even better.”

[Via Adweek]

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