You Can Reuse This New Zappos Shoebox In a Ton of Ways

Typically, shoeboxes are thrown away after safely bringing your shoes home, or they can become a storage place for old receipts or those photos you’ve been meaning to scrapbook. But Zappos shoes thinks we can all do a little better thinking outside the box.

BoxBeginning this month, Zappos is shipping their shoes in a rather unique shoebox. Printed on the cardboard are suggestions for alternative ways to reuse the box, like turning it into a lovely picture frame, or perhaps a 3D llama. But don’t stop at the suggestions! Zappos encourages customers to think creatively and invent their own unique use, then share those ideas with others on their website.



“The Zappos box is our way of being there for our customers, wherever they are in life, as we provide them with the things they need and love. Every box has a unique story and purpose,” says Kelly Smith of Zappos THINK, an in-house experiential campaign team. “Not only do we want customers to know we genuinely care about their needs, but we also hope to inspire people to become the best version of themselves and to see the world with a new perspective. We want people in the end to say, ‘I’m not a box.’”Box

The new boxes are part of the company’s #ImNotABox campaign. Check out the campaign video below from creative collective, Variable. A trimmed down version will eventually air nationally on cable networks.

[Via Adweek]


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