Will This Mangled Emoji Sculpture Make You A Better Driver?

Through strong messages and striking visuals, public service announcements try to educate and protect. Even when the messages are memorable, they can also be quite disturbing. The same is true with Sprint’s new don’t text and drive sculpture.

Using a wrecked car as its canvas, Sprint created a “DN’T TXT & DRIVE” sculpture in the image of a twisted, mangled winky face emoji. The bottom of the sign near the sculpture reads, “TEXTING & DRIVING IS NO LAUGHING MATTER.” The sculpture was released by ad agency Alma in time for the conclusion of Distracted Driving Awareness month in April.

The sculpture, which is eerily called, “The Last Emoji,” was placed in downtown Miami at 1200 Brickell Avenue. (Alma selected this particular city because Florida is one of the only states where texting while driving is not a primary offense.)

Visitors were encouraged to take and post selfies with the sculpture along with the hashtag #SprintDriveSafe.

A behind-the-scenes video shows how the large sculpture was made. A wrecked car alone can send shivers down your spine, but watching the yellow metal be twisted and bent into the shape of the typically silly emoji is memorable. Check out the short video below.

[Via Adweek]

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