Now You Can Easily Print Your Own Creative Director

Johnnie Ingram has left his mark on the ad business and any agency would be lucky to have him, and now they can and you can too. The new creative director at Los Angeles-based agency Team One is now available as a “not creepy at all” figurine. In an announcement for Ingram’s arrival at the company, the West Coast agency revealed that Ingram had himself rendered in 3D so that his friends and former colleagues “can have a little piece of Johnnie wherever they may go.”

Ingram, a well-known figure in the agency world, has worked at Saatchi & Saatchi, Juniper Park, Leo Burnett, and Taxi on brands such as Mini Cooper, Kraft, Cheerios, and Burger King. A tech lover, he immediately took advantage of Team One’s VR lab for the project. A creative technologist fiddled with a Kinect for about an hour to generate “3D Johnnie,” allowing him to be printed out “so he’ll always be by your side.” You also have the option to enjoy Johnnie in VR mode, which allows you to view the upper-half of the creative director, which is definitely not disturbing.

Ingram is one of the many senior-level creative executives leaving New York that have been part of a cross-country relocation boom. He will be working on campaigns for brands such as Lexus and other Team One clients.

Get your very own Johnnie here.

[Via: AdWeek]
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