Awesome Preroll Ad Actually Lets You Kill It Quickly

Preroll ads are usually annoying, but nothing takes the cake like the Canadian ad for Weed B Gon. In the full ad, an irritating weed named Prickly bites a person’s leg then gives a speech about how quickly he can multiply covering your lawn with more Pricklies. At the end, Weed B Gon arrives and thankfully destroys Prickly. If the ad ever pops up as a YouTube preroll, it cleverly allows the viewer to “kill” Prickly instead of just skipping the ad.

When the “Skip Ad” button appears after it has run for a few seconds, just above it is a “Kill Prickly” button, giving viewers the option to either skip or kill. If the latter option is chosen, the annoying portion of the ad is “killed” and the spot fast-forwards to the part where Weed B Gon murders Prickly—an oh so satisfying ending.

The geniuses behind this clever preroll was Canadian agency Rethink. For the campaign, they featured the annoying Prickly as a nuisance in-store, online, and in social media. “Leveraging an innovative new YouTube feature in combination with fun, irreverent content, we have been able [to] deliver key brand messages to a new generation of lawn care enthusiasts,” says Glenn Martin, the director of marketing at Scotts Canada.

Watch the video below and murder Prickly yourself:

[Via: AdWeek]
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