Eat Me - a mattress art project, by Lor-K

Artist Gives Mattresses on the Street New Life as Food Sculptures

When you come upon an abandoned mattress in the city, an eye roll is for sure to follow. Unless the mattress is surrounded by the belongings and keepsakes of a down-on-their-luck individual likely calling it home at night, someone just lazily offended your block. Getting a mattress anywhere is a hassle, so the idea of having to take one to the dump is apparently enough for many  to be come the world’s most obnoxious litterbug. But not for French street artist Lor-K, old mattresses on the street mean a source of material for his huge, cushioned sculptures of food.

Lor-K’s street art series EAT ME is enough for you to break course from original plans and immediately head to a cafe, and in Paris, that’s an exceptional call.

See a few snacks from the delicious art project below.

[via Laughing Squid]
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