Investigative Journalism Ad, by Veja and AlmapBBDO

Powerful Ad Reminds You That Investigative Journalism Gets Ugly

From All the President’s Men to Zodiac, Hollywood has told the breathtaking tale of someone doing what it takes to get to the bottom of things, even if it goes to the top. They claw at the story, as if furiously digging through mud to unearth something— anything! — that could become everything in the end. In doing so, you risk your faith in humanity, you abandon hope that this is a non-story with a happy happening, you structurally plan to break your heart over and over. The truth matters, but getting there is ugly as Hell. Investigative journalism is a cruel process for others to know their world better and the evil that tracks its dirt and blood through it.

Driving the sharp point home is a video ad from Brazilian right-leaning magazine Veja, put together by AlmapBBDO, a Brazilian ad agency. In it, the viewer sinks to the bottom of the ocean, encountering increasingly grotesque creatures of the deep, reminding all that investigative journalism gets worse and worse the farther you pursue its lonely, gruesome avenues. It’s a matter of appreciating those who do it, for not everyone has the interest or integrity.

See the powerful ad below.

[via Adweek]
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