NC's Bathroom Bill (HB2) on Toilet Paper, by McKinney

You Can Now (Literally) Flush the ‘Bathroom Bill’ Down the Toilet

North Carolina’s controversial “Bathroom Bill” — known more commonly as House Bill 2 or more politically as Public Facilities Privacy & Security Act — has set ablaze the national dialogue about transgender rights. An evolving conversation over the years, the debate took center stage earlier this year when HB2 passed and led to state-wide protests ranging from Bruce Springsteen to PayPal.

The law also has its share of in-state detractors, such as McKinney, the Durham-based agency that blessed us with their “Flush HB2” campaign. In case you were wondering, yes, they meant it literally, as explained in their statement.

“We think it’s time to flush North Carolina’s House Bill 2, and we think you probably agree with us. To make that safer for city plumbing, we’ve printed the entire bill on rolls of toilet paper.”

See “Flush HB2” in action in the video below.

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