Truth: A Burger King in Finland Now Features a Sauna

Health and fast-food are not necessarily synonymous, but a Burger King in Finland is trying to turn the Whopper experience into a whopping good time by bringing a spa into the restaurant. Well, a sauna. Sure, it sounds like the most unappetizing feature in the place, but we assure you: It’s real.

The Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki now features an in-store sauna, fully decked out in the brand’s signature red and blue colors. And, no, it isn’t just some tiny closet tucked in a corner. The mini-spa features a 15-person sauna, shower room, locker room, and media lounge with TV and gaming facilities. And if all that sweating makes you hungry, staff is on hand to take your Burger King order.


Why a sauna? It’s not just a clever marketing gimmick (although we can’t think of a better one in recent memory). Saunas are actually a huge part of Finnish culture, serving as social centers and places to conduct business. On that note, if you were hoping to reserve the space for your next birthday party or business meeting, you totally can for just a couple hundred Euro.  160517113758-burger-king-spa-03-exlarge-169 160517113720-burger-king-spa-01-exlarge-169Check out the Burger King site to learn more.

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