See How 5 Brands Are Using Tech for Amazing Content Marketing

Technology is a powerful tool to help us connect and express ourselves in more ways than ever—there are better cameras, faster data speeds, and more social platforms than our home screens can handle. Yet despite this, human connection and technology can often seem at odds. This is especially true when it comes to content marketing. There are more ways to connect with consumers, but far too often brands miss the mark when telling their stories.

True connection comes from authentic, meaningful interactions and relevant stories—something that many content marketers just can’t seem to master, which is a shame. With the many tools available, not only can it be done, it can be done well. Innovative brands are working with technology to create unique storytelling experiences that engage and inspire their audience to great success.

To provide greater insight into these new trends, Ceros and Column Five have created a new interactive e-book that showcases the clever ways brands like Nike, Dallas Cowboys, Excedrin, Showtime, and British Airways are using technology to their advantage. From VR to interactivity, mobile to video, the interactive e-book shows examples of brand storytelling like never before. If you need inspiration for your next campaign, click through for an instant hit.

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