Seven Magic Mountain, by Ugo Rondinone

‘Seven Magic Mountains’ Gives Colorful Life to the Desert

Seven Magic Mountains by Ugo Rondinone is truly a sight to behold. Roughly five years in the making, the installation within the Ivanpah Valley is in stark contrast to its surroundings — radiant in bright colors, pinned against a drab desert of tans, and presenting a natural quality of earth and purity, set against the noisy, sinful chaos of Las Vegas.

Opened on May 11, 2016, the beloved eye-catching pillars of locally sourced limestone boulders will be an attraction for exactly two years. They stand 30-35 feet tall as some kind of playful alien oddity; a message of hope, a reminder of spirit.

Born in Switzerland and now based in New York, Rondinone’s work drums up speculation in the heart and weight in the soul. He’s constructed similarly curious creations with the silly and unsettling visages of his Moonrise Sculptures in San Francisco and the robotic visitors stacked with Stonehenge-like integrity in New York’s Human Nature.

See the wonder of Seven Magic Mountains above.

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