The Whole Of Space Travel Illustrated On One Beautiful Chart

A new illustration by Pop Chart Lab takes us through years of space travel, all in a single chart. The Chart of Cosmic Exploration documents every space expedition from the Luna 2 in 1959 to the DSCOVR in 2015, depicting more than half a century of space travel. It also features over 100 illustrations of exploratory instruments through the years.

Space Travel Chart

The Cosmic Exploration chart maps the flight path and orbit around every planet, moon, comet, and asteroid of the many instruments illustrated, including every orbiter, rover, flyby, and impactor that has successfully left Earth’s gravitational field. All the images found on the chart are hand-illustrated renderings that are juxtaposed against the gargantuan planets of our solar system, giving us a complete history of man’s exploration into the unknown.

Check out more of their charts here.

Space Travel Instruments Space Travel Planets

[Via: This Is Colossal]


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