Pril Dish Soap Made a Miniature Bottle That Holds a Single Drop—For Real

If you know Pril dishwashing liquid, you know the brand has long claimed that “one drop of Pril is powerful enough to wash a set of dishes.” It’s a catchy selling point, naturally, but plenty of brands makes such claims. To prove their point, Pril has decided to test the power of the product by putting a single drop in consumers’ hands—literally.

For a new campaign for Middle East markets, led by TBWA\RAAD Dubai, the company has introduced its first-ever Pril One-drop bottle, a miniature version of their signature bottle, which contains—you guessed it—a single drop (well, 0.1 ml of the dishwashing liquid).


According to the company, the bottle was carefully crafted in a 6-month production process. The bottle is an exact replica of the full-size bottle, painstakingly miniaturized, from the bottle cap to the labeling. While not available for mass consumption, the tiny bottles are being used for promotional purposes in supermarkets. (Admittedly, we’re a little disappointed that we won’t get to try it out ourselves.) The bottle may seem novel, but it’s a pretty creative way to prove a point.

To announce the campaign, the company has created a few spots to showcase the big reveal, each clever in their own way. Take a look at all four below.

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