See 6 Famous Logos Turned into Inflated Ballooons

We love a good logo remix. We’ve seen redesigned band logos, handlettered logos, mashups, and more, but we’ve never seen logos, well, inflated. Leave it to designer Vinicius Araújo out of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a master of 3D effects, to turn some of the world’s most famous logos into colorful, festive balloons.

Using Maxon Cinema 4D to create the Blow Up series, Araújo turns flat logos into the most puffed up, magnified, 3D versions of themselves. Twitter, Mercedes, Nike, Adidas, DC, and Apple all get the treatment, with each shape inflated, distorted, and stretched into shiny mylar versions that look more like they belong at a birthday party than on a billboard.

Perhaps the most impressive thing is that these shapes aren’t actually real. You’d be hard-pressed to find a flaw in Araújo’s hyper-realistic renderings. Every fold, seam, and reflection is carefully crafted using digital effects, right down to the inflatable valve. You’d think they were crafted by Koons himself.








If you’re interested in recreating this effect yourself, you’re in luck. Araújo gives you a glimpse at the process in the time-lapse video below.

To see more of his 3D projects, check out his Behance here.

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