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Q&A: Olle Bengtsson Makes Art From Spaghetti and Math

Of all the things spaghetti is good for (alfredo sauce, meatballs, the epic kiss in Lady and The Tramp), you probably didn’t think about applying mathematical formulas and using it to create art. But Olle Bengtsson did.

In an incredibly time-consuming project, he used over 900 meters of thread to rig spaghetti mid-air.


Benson tells us a little more about the project he calls Italian Mathematics:

How would you describe the Italian Mathematics project, in one sentence?

Mathematical formulas visualised with spaghetti.

math spaghetti art

You’re a graphic designer by trade. What made you pick up the camera?

About a year ago, while working at an advertising agency, I started experimenting with still-life photography in my free time. One day, I just decided to quit my current job and focus on photography.

What kinds of mathematical formulas did you utilize? Have you always been interested in math?

I used different kinds of graphs, like the sine wave but also linear graphs in different variations. I can’t say I have a particular interest in math, but I think it’s very interesting to look for inspiration in math and science.

sine wave spaghetti art

Why spaghetti?

I wanted to make something interesting using a normal everyday product.

Looking at your larger body of work, it appears you like the floating, weightless aesthetic. What inspires this?

I never thought of this myself. I try to keep a relatively graphic approach, but I don’t actively aim for a floating aesthetic. It will probably change over time.

floating clothes       floating makeup

You can follow the progression of Bengtsson’s work via his Instagram.

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