This Historic Gothic Church Has Become a Lake of Colored Glass

Artist Liz West is a master of transforming spaces through color and light, and she’s back at it again with an installation at 20-21 Visual Arts Centre, the former historic St. John’s church in Scunthorpe, England.

The piece, called Our Colour Reflection, is an absolutely breathtaking installation featuring more than 700 colored mirrors installed across the floor of the building. The circular mirrors (15 colors total) are suspended at different heights, bouncing colored light around the space to enhance parts of the architecture that are otherwise overlooked. The effect looks something like a dreamscape out of Disney’s Sleeping Beauty.

Before creating the piece, West researched the history of the church-turned visual arts center, considering its original use as a place of worship.

“This has allowed me to make sure the work is grounded within its site but also holds its own voice within the grandeur and information that the space brings to the conversation,” she says. The final results are impossible not to fawn over. Even West admits the piece is particularly special; on Facebook she described the piece as “the hardest and most rewarding piece of work I have ever made!”

We can certainly see why. See it in person now through June 25, 2016.


All photos by Hannah Devereux

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[Via Creative Boom]
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