New Print Ad Turns Play-Doh into Gorgeous Color Palettes

Artfully arranged. Minimally styled. These are not the phrases you’d use to describe an advertisement for a kids’ product. But the ad agency DDB Bogota is changing that. With their clever new Play-Doh print ads, they’re capturing the creativity of the colorful putty in an understated yet impactful way.

In a series of five print ads, the agency showcases the product not as clumpy, lumpy balls of technicolor clay, but as a sleek selection of color palettes. Showing only the tops of the containers, the presentation looks more like swatches to inspire your next Pinterest makeover than Play-Doh. The concept is meant to showcase the imagination of child’s play.

“When kids see four colors, they don’t just see four colors. They see endless possibilities,” the team says. As such, the 4-color palettes presented are carefully selected, each accompanied by a label meant to reflect what a child might create from the colors. Shades of green and brown could be a soldier. 1970s-esque earth tones will make an eagle. Primary colors might be a clown.

Rarely is a child’s product so artfully presented and inspiring—even to grown ups. Kudos to the DDB team.

playdoh-1-900x638 playdoh-2-900x638 playdoh-3-900x638 playdoh-4-900x629 playdoh-5-900x629

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