Adorable Stuffed Animals Receive “Transplants” to Promote Organ Donation

Child organ donation is not easy to address, but a new awareness campaign is taking a downright adorable approach, using stuffed animals to educate and build a community that supports donation.

Second Life Toys was created by Dentsu employee Akira Suzuki and a colleague, in association with Japanese organ transplant group Green Ribbon Campaign, as a unique way to introduce child organ donation to kids. It’s a clever service that pairs donor and patients—but here’s the twist: They’re all stuffed animals. The idea is simple: People can send in stuffed animals that need a transplant—say a fresh ear or repaired arm—or they can send in an animal that can act as a donor. The end result is a toy that can go back to playing, just like the actual children who need transplants can.

The process is pretty simple: You take a picture of the toy that needs a transplant. Once they’ve paired it with its donor, the “patient” (aka toy) can be mailed in to receive its transplant. If you need any more convincing, enjoy these prototypes. (Warning: It’s impossible not to “awwwww” after seeing them.)

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Learn more about the project in this short video, and visit the Second Life Toys site to donate.

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