Historical Timeline Wall Charts Will Help You Understand All Of History

For years teachers have been using outdated wall charts to help explain difficult concepts to students, with no viable option for a well-made updated version. Matthew Baker, a former Vancouver-based teacher, decided that it was time to bring wall charts into the 21st century, so he created a whole series of historical timeline wall charts that help people understand history in a visual way.

“When history is visualized, one can see how different events in different places relate to each other in time and hence get a better ‘big picture’ view,” he says. The idea came about when he was teaching and unable to find any relevant wall charts to help explain challenging ideas to his students. Since he relied so heavily on charts to illustrate these concepts, he decided to make his own, which he then turned into posters that he would sell to other faculty members. After some time, Baker left his job as a teacher and began to make these charts full time.

Check out his all wall charts here.

Historical Timeline Wall Chart World History


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