Clever Mashups of Everyday Objects Are Delightfully Seductive

Alberto Arellano, a Spanish director based in Oslo, is tackling a new form of storytelling in his unique photo series Every Day Life Objects. In it, he mashes up mundane objects and presents absurdist vignettes that are as intriguing as they are entertaining.


“These photographs deal with domestic, everyday life scenes captured in straightforward images. A disruptive and dystopian reality is present in a surreal manner,” Arellano says.

Indeed, at first glance, you might think these mashups are simply novel and entertaining, but looking closer you can absorb deeper cultural commentaries. We nurse on McDonald’s, consume electronics like food, smoke cigarettes like candy.

“[On] one hand, mundane and domestic objects are transformed into something strange and surprising; in most of the ideas, the focus is on the objects. As such, they become the center of meaning and power, emphasizing loneliness and emptiness, but at the same time […] describe the interaction with the human being. On the other hand, these surreal sceneries ask us about essential questions, regarding our routine as a part of the society, our conditioned behavior,” he says.

From the role of technology in our everyday lives, to the Western romance with pharmaceuticals, to brand loyalty to corporations, the images are provocative and powerful.

suela_1desert arbolking-1 livingapies-copia But for Areallano, creating the series was not a deep dive into our dystopian future.  “The process of telling a story with a very few elements both in terms of production and storytelling was really tempting to me; I could say almost [it was] a mental cleaning daily exercise,” he says. catusgym hot2tiburon velas_1

See the entire series on his site.

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