Grafomap DIY Tool Lets You Design Cool Maps of Any Place

Maps make great décor not only because of what they look like but what they represent. They are geographic anchors or metaphorical reminders of a place you loved or an experience you had. Hence, Etsy is full of a million beautifully designed maps. But here’s the problem: Those maps tend to be of major cities: London, Paris, LA, NYC, Portland, etc. What if you want a beautiful map of your hometown or the small college town you met your spouse in? The design company Grafomap can help.

The service lets you create your own custom map of any place. And, yes, we mean any place, since the tool pulls location from an open-source database. Cofounder Rihard Piks says the inspiration for Grafomap came not because he was looking for a particular map but because he enjoyed playing around with map tools.

“There is a WordPress plugin called Snazzy maps. It’s a map filter plugin for website contact pages. It has all kinds of cool map designs,” Piks says. “Searching familiar places and seeing them through various design filters was so fascinating. I decided to repurpose their solution and create something similar for printing.”


Type any location into Grafomap and it generates a minimalist map, which you can tailor according to your aesthetics. There are four design styles, with the ability to zoom in or out depending on how much of the area you want to capture; you can also adjust layout.

“That means you don’t have to be from one of the “cool” cities to have a map print of your town anymore,” Piks says.

Indeed, head over to Grafomap to play around. (Your hometown looks a lot cooler than you think.)

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