Tauba Auerbach Reinvents the Pop-Up Book with Geometric Sculptures

Remember the delight of a good old pop-up book? As adults, we rarely get the novel experience of those childhood joys (although coloring books have made their comeback), but the art of the pop-up book is not dead. In fact, visual Tauba Auerbach, an artist whose work often hovers between the  2D and 3D realms, has turned the pop-up into a masterful piece of geometric art.


Auerbach has teamed with Printed Matter, a New York-based independent bookstore, to create 2, 3, a conceptual pop-up book that is a paper masterpiece. Featuring six die-cut paper sculptures—some up to 18 inches tall—the tome is a hefty piece of work.




“The six sculptures in [2,3] take their cue from a range of geometric forms—the pyramid, sphere, ziggurat, octagonal bipyramid (gem), arc, and möbius-strip. The use of a bright, contrasting palette is familiar from Auerbach’s previous work across a range of materials, including acrylics, etchings and C-type prints. This groundbreaking project stands as an astonishing art-object, part bookwork and part sculpture, and represents an advance in the field of pop-up technology,” according to Printed Matter.



To celebrate the release, Nowness has made a short unboxing film, showing each sculpture in all its page-creaking glory. Take a look below, and head to the Printed Matter site for more info.

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