“Supermeals” Series Imagines Epic Superhero Foodfights

Just about every aspect of the comic book/superhero universe has been analyzed and reimagined, from superhero logos to the types of sneakers they might wear. But there is one area that hasn’t been explored: food. What would Batman eat? What would Iron Man drink? These are the questions answered by food photographer Sebastien Dubois-Didcock and art director JC Pinheiro in their ongoing Supermeals series, an entertaining photo series that imagines the food that superheroes might consume.

In their first series, they explored what, where, and how superheroes might eat—Batman in his Batcave, Wonder Woman in the jungle, and Clark Kent at his Daily Planet desk.


At sunrise Bruce returns to the cave and patches himself up. Alfred came to check up on him and brought him breakfast. #batman


Diana loves to relax under natural foliage (just like any homesick amazonian princess) after kicking butt and showing the boys how it’s done. #wonderwoman


Hard at work at his desk at the Daily Planet, Clarke loves to dig into a childhood favorite: PB&J sandwiches. While this solar powered superhero doesn’t need to eat, he certainly does enjoy it! #superman

Now, in honor Marvel’s latest film release, the duo has released FOODFIGHT! Captain America: Civil War, which imagines the epic battle clashes between characters—if they were using their favorite foods instead of their super powers to fight. Warning: The pictures might make you a little hungry. 


Ironman makes it rain with a beverage as rich as he is and Captain America pitches corn-dogs in defense.


Hawkeye makes use of his bow to serve up some hot kabobs off the grill and Spiderman slings his aunt’s pancakes to counter the savory onslaught.

For more work, check out the sites of Pinheiro and Dubois-Didcock.

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