New Poster Series Celebrates The Words Shakespeare Invented

Shakespeare was not only a master of language, he is credited with inventing many of the English words we use today, including terms like courtship, majestic, discontent, gloomy, and obscene. This year marks the 400th anniversary of his death, and the design world has responded with a number of tributes to his work and legacy.

Last week we featured a beautifully designed collection of his works. This week, ahead of the new Art Directors Club exhibition, Presenting Shakespeare: Much Ado About Posters, we’re enjoying a fresh poster series by Shutterstock that celebrates the many words Shakespeare invented.

“In doing research for Shakespeare’s 400th death anniversary, we noticed that he had contributed over 1,000 words to the English language. Instead of just focusing on his plays, we decided to take an artistic POV on his words, using modern typography and assets from Shutterstock,” the company says.

The result is an A-Z alphabetical retrospective of some of Shakespeare’s most creative words. Each poster reflects the word theme in visuals and typography, from “aerial” to “zany.” It’s is an interesting and educational look at the bard’s impressive vocabulary—and a great example of what you can do to dress up stock photography.

Enjoy the whole series below, and get tickets to the exhibit here.

160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster3_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster4_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster5_1160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster6_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster7_1160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster8_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster9_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster10_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster11_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster12_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster13_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster14_1160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster15_1

160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster16_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster17_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster18_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster19_1160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster20_1160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster21_1160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster22_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster23_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster24_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster26_1 160422-ADC-Shakespeare-Poster27_1


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