May the 4th Be With These Day of the Dead Star Wars Characters

A long time ago (2011) in a galaxy far, far away (this very blog), we featured the art of John Karpinsky, a computer artist and Star Wars geek whose mashups of Star Wars characters done Day-of-the-Dead style caught our eye. Since that time, the cannon has expanded with new characters introduced in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. So, like any good Jedi, Karpinsky has picked up his lightsaber (OK, Adobe Illustrator) to give us a few new samples.

In honor of Star Wars Day, enjoy these limited-edition Force Four prints, featuring BB-8 as el Diablo Hilatura (Spinning Devil), as Poe Dameron as Guerrero Alado (Winged Warrior), Ray as Rayo de Luz (Ray of Light), and Finn as El Traidor (The Traitor). And, of course, May the 4th be with you.

Diablo Hilatura (Spinning Devil)


El Traidor (The Traitor)


Guerrero Alado (Winged Warrior) poe_8x8

Rayo de Luz (Ray of Light) rey_8x8

For more prints, check out Karpinsky’s Etsy shop here. And if you want more Star Wars art: 

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