These Mindblowing Kung Fu Visualizations Will Leave You Speechless

Kung Fu is fascinating to watch: the precision technique, the impressive moves. Yet much of the action is actually indiscernible to the naked eye. The force behind a single kick or punch requires incredible physical control and maneuvering, the true beauty of which is hard to admire at such high speed.

Enter Tobias Gremmler, an expert digital artist and animator who has a knack for turning real-world elements into incredible sci-fi-looking visualizations. In his latest video, a Kung Fu Motion Visualization, he presents a study of Kung Fu movement like you’ve never seen before.

Using motion capture, Gremmler expertly animates a practitioner’s movements, beautifully visualizing each gesture, trail, and path. (This type of work is par for the course for Gremmler, whose portfolio looks straight out of a sci-fi film.) Through a series of eight animations, the Kung Fu movements are turned into incredible, almost surreal visualizations: swirls of matter form the shapes, ghost trails take form, and malleable structures appear to be creatures. It’s best to stop reading and start watching.

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[Via The Creators Project]
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