A Look at the Deliciously Layered Papercraft of Maud Vantour

Whenever someone busts out paper and glue, people instantly think of elementary school art projects, but papercraft by French designer and artist Maud Vantours is anything but juvenile.  

Armed with an X-Acto knife and a ruler, Maud creates stunning 3D sculptures out of paper that make you want to live inside a kaleidoscope.

While attending Duperré school in Paris she discovered her favorite material was paper. Using a combination of colors, patterns, and materials, Maud quickly cut out a place for herself in the world of art and design.

In an interview with GAP she said, “It’s really interesting to push it and to try to tell a story with colors.”

Her unique designs are created as she layers complimentary colors on top of each other in geometric designs, all cut by hand.

“Inspiration can come from everywhere but actually I have no idea where my ideas come from; this is only from my head.”


papercraft layered

papercraft zoom out

papercraft spiral

papercraft pattern

papercraft pattern 3

papercraft crafter

Check out more of Maud’s radical designs on her Behance page.

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