See How Every Seinfeld Character Is Related in One Impressive Chart

Think you’re a Seinfeld fan? Then pull up a chair and get ready to geek out on the most epic infographic of your life. Although the show ended 18 years ago (yes, that freaks us out, too), it’s well alive in our hearts and syndication. To honor the show about nothing, Pop Chart Labs has created A Chart About Nothing: The Connected Characters of Seinfeld, an impressive chart that details how the many, many characters are connected.

In a single chart, the creators have included more than 230 characters featured on the show, from Newman and the Soup Nazi to Man Hands to Jackie Chiles. (If you’re a true fan, you should have no trouble identifying them all.) Not only that, the characters are arranged by frequency of appearance and each is accompanied by a data visualization that explains how they were connected to Jerry, George, Elaine, and Kramer: as friends, family, romantic relationships, coworkers, or enemies.

Head over to Pop Chart Labs to see the poster in full detail.


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