Absolutely Gorgeous Handmade Rings Capture Mystical Worlds in Resin

A good piece of jewelry makes a statement. A great piece transports you into mystical realms. Sound dramatic? Wait til you see these amazing rings by Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood.


Using only fresh wood, jewelry resin, and beeswax, each ring captures a lovely little world, crafted in beautiful detail from how the wood was cut and the beeswax arranged. The resin crystallizes each little scene, which look like dioramas of the natural world. Look close and you’ll see a Lord of the Rings-looking mini mountain rising out of mist, a forest under a canopy of stars, or an underwater lagoon with suspended plantlife.

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The craftsmanship is impressive, considering the simple materials used to make each. It’s particularly fascinating to see how cleverly each element is used: Tiny wood shards create the scene, beeswax gives it detail, and the resin preserves and sometimes adds another dimension to the scene. (As you can see, the “stars” are made from tiny air bubbles in the resin.)

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According to the jewelry makers, each piece is one of a kind. Although you can order a particular “scene,” what you receive is an entirely unique and handmade piece.

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For more info, check out Secret Wood’s site.

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