Gorgeous Wood-Engraved Posters You’d Be Proud to Put on Your Wall

We’re certainly fans of limited-edition prints and hand-painted posters, but when it comes to hanging posters in your house, it’s easy to stray into dorm-room décor territory. So, how do you honor your love of pop culture memorabilia in a sophisticated way? These laser-engraved wood posters from may be the answer.


Horror Poster

Diego Scaglia Rat of Engravers Dungeon is a graphic designer and engineer who has turned his sights to laser engraving, a one-time hobby turned full-time passion. Along with his wife, Camelia, he designs intricate posters that are laser-engraved onto pine wood, a process Rat says takes hours and hours—just to design a single piece.

Moby Dick Poster

Moby Dick Poster

While it takes a tremendous amount of work, Rat says it’s worth it.

“One of the best parts is the fact that every poster is totally unique, because the pattern and grain of the wood is never the same,” he says.

No matter what you’re into, it’s likely he’s created an engraving for it. His offerings are inspired by sci-fi; space; physics and horror movies; music; oddities and macabre; sea life; vintage and art nouveau—pretty much everything Rat is into.

Breaking Bad Poster

Breaking Bad Poster


Jimi Hendrix Poster


Human Anatomy Poster

Nikola Tesla Poster

Nikola Tesla Poster

To see more about how the work is made, check out his site.

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