Would You Guess These Were Made with Unwrapped Sticks of Gum?

If you ask photographer Sam Kaplan for a stick of gum, you might not get what you expect. In his new photo series Unwrapped, the New-York based photographer experiments with the sticky substance in entirely new ways. His hyper-stylized images feature unwrapped sticks of gum used as building blocks to create unique and elaborate structures.

At first glance, you might not notice that the stacked structures are made from gum at all. But upon closer inspection, you can spot the sticks with their distinctive markings in a variety of colors—or flavors, rather—whether spearmint green, cinnamon red, or icy cool blue.

The colors and textures are enticing in their own right, but the particular arrangement of the pieces is what is most appealing. Whether it’s a monochromatic cube, an interlaced pattern, or a carefully constructed tower, Kaplan’s work combines the precariousness of a house of cards and the playfulness of a fresh pack.

samkaplan_01 samkaplan_02 samkaplan_04 samkaplan_05 samkaplan_06 samkaplan_07

To get a sense of just how much work each structure takes, here’s a behind-the-scenes snapshot from Kaplan’s Instagram. To see more of Kaplan’s work, go to his site.

Organizing the Emerald City… #gumunwrapped

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