An Architect Creates the Coolest Animal Headwear Around

If you’re looking for something to make your next party a little more funky and you’re out of traditional costume party ideas, you might want to look at the creations from Zoofold. Created by India Aspin, a qualified architect and design enthusiast, Zoofold is animal-themed costume headwear that is truly next-level.


“I was inspired to design animal heads after hand-making a pair of fabric fox outfits for a festival back in 2010,” Apsin says. “I discovered that I had both the instinctive eye and inventiveness for costume craft but, as an architect, was compelled to use my skills in architectural design and draftsmanship, turning to folding printed card as a medium instead of fabric.”

The animal heads are not some chintzy party props; they are the result of Aspin’s 3D modelling and spatial thinking expertise, making them wearable—and functional—costume pieces.

“They can easily be worn on top of the head as a hat, or slipped down over the face as a mask. This adaptability gives partygoers the freedom to eat, drink, and chat without the discomfort that can ruin an otherwise perfect costume,” Aspin says.

Even cooler, they’re printed on 100% recycled card, with a bio-degradable laminate finish, and 5% of the current Woodland Collection profits go to the Woodland Trust.

zoofold_deer_garden zoofold_interior

For more info, go to the site.

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