2 player MondriPong 1.2 by Kristiana Hansen

A Playable Version of Pong Set Inside a Piet Mondrian Painting

You may not know art, but you know what you like, and maybe another thing you dig on is video games. If so, have no fear, because you can finally play a famous work of art like a video game. And as always, for such a marvelous combo, you have the internet and its got-time-to-kill-to-do-great-things attitude to thank.

See, a challenge arose in the digital arts community B3ta, where user HappyToast hyped the concept of the crafty forum members mashing up video games with classic art. More specifically, the challenge was “Turn famous works of art into video games, or classic video games into art. Space invade Mona Lisa and hang Mario in the Louvre.”

The results that poured in were grand, from the mock M.C. Escher portrait of Pacman to the Mona Lisa’s head winding up on the body of Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft. HappyToast, as an example, posted a gif titled “Pongdrian” that was the classic arcade game Pong loftily played out in a Piet Moundrian painting.

That was enough to spark some excitement in Kristiana Hansen, a very talented creative with an AAS degree in Graphic Design, Creative Emphasis on Print Media, and a résumé of web development. Hansen made it her mission to turn the stylish joke into an actually playable game.

And so now you have MondriPong, the classiest video game ever.

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