Moleskine Recreated the “Game of Thrones” Title Sequence Entirely out of Paper

Game of Thrones is back this weekend for season 6 (April 24, 2016, if you need to mark your calendar), and fans are ready for a fresh season of drama. (Oh, and if you want to know who the real main character is, check out this mathmetician’s chart.)

The show has attracted a massive following thanks to its epic plots, stunning costumes, and quotable lines, but it’s also made a name for itself thanks to its distinctive title sequence, featuring stop-motion kingdoms rising up in the various lands the show is set in.

To celebrate the impending premiere, as well as a new line of Game of Thrones-themed notebooks, Moleskine decided to recreate the show’s iconic opening credits—using only notebook paper.

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According to the brand, the video uses a jaw-dropping 7,600 individual paper cutouts to intricately recreate King’s Landing, with the turning cogs and gears giving rise to a city of 3-dimensional paper buildings.

The final product is impressively accurate. Let’s hope season 6 is just as good.

Take a look at the video and for more info on the notebook collection, click here.

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