Food Blogger Turns Marshmallows Into Colorful, Edible Art

Unless they’re covered in neon-colored sugar and shaped like farm animals, marshmallows don’t exactly have a reputation for being visually exciting. But that blank canvas on your standard mini marshmallow can become so much more, with the help of food-decorating pens and a creative mind like that of Instagram user Meaghan Mountford.

According to her food craft blog, The Decorated Cookie, Mountford started incorporating marshmallows into her edible art repertoire when in between houses with her family in 2009, with most of their usual sources of entertainment in storage. These treats were easy and quick to make, even for her young kids, and didn’t require much to get started.

Now she shares her hand-drawn Mallowart with the world on Instagram. Most of her designs are clever winks at pop culture, featuring references to comic book superheroes, The Brady Bunch, Harry Potter, and Breaking Bad. And for those who appreciate their food crafts on the more meta side, she’s also created a ton of food-themed pieces, like these of sushi and kabobs.

If you’re feeling inspired to create your own edible art, Mountford offers suggestions on her blog about getting started. Obviously, part of the appeal of this food craft is its simplicity, so the only tools you really need (aside from the marshmallows, of course) are edible writers. A few of her favorite brands include Americolor Gourmet Writers and FooDoodler, both of which are easy to track down online.

Check out all of Mountford’s food art, which also includes more sugary goodness like cookies and cakes, at The Decorated Cookie, or look for her book Sugarlicious.

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