Q&A: Jane West Talks About the Future of Cannabis at Further Future

If you like music, technology, mind-opening discussions, and the desert, you might want to check out the Further Future festival in Las Vegas April 29 to May 1, 2016. The event will feature artists and speakers from a variety of disciplines (think a mashup of Burning Man, TED Talks, and Coachella), all converging to share a creative space.

We spoke with some of the featured speakers, the world’s leading lights in the fields of business, entrepreneurship, science, wellness, and art, to find out what they’re most excited about. First up, we’re talking to Jane West, CEO of Jane West Enterprises and the founder and national events director of Women Grow.

What will you speak about at Further Future?

I will be talking about how women will shape the future of cannabis. Women in my demographic are actually the biggest users of mind-altering drugs. Once society stops drawing the legal and cultural line between “illicit” substances and pharmaceuticals, our minds will have more space to explore. The dichotomy shift is already underway, and there are so many exciting possibilities that will emerge once society is more accepting of not just cannabis but also psychedelics.

We are already seeing that cannabis is a holistic, non-addictive alternative to many of the drugs we, especially as women, are prescribed to manage our mental wellbeing. Are psychedelics next? I want to invite the Further Future audience to appreciate the consequences of the drug war’s misinformation campaign and imagine the possibilities that these substances hold when we finally let go of that stigma.

How do you see human creativity evolving in the next 10 years as technology advances?

In the next 10 years, technology holds unimaginable possibilities for human creativity—as long as they are accessible to the masses. As excited as I am for what technology could mean for our exploration of arts and ideas, I have concerns about wide, fair access to those advancements and the training necessary to utilize them. We must find ways to bridge the gap between the economically and technologically advantaged classes of today and those that have already been left behind due to limited resources and access.

Our lives will be mostly greatly enriched when everyone can benefit from technological innovations. Creativity grows through greater dialogue with different perspectives, and technology can make that possible.


What are the most interesting technological advances that you see impacting the future of human health and fulfillment?

As a believer in the power of habits, I am fascinated by technology’s potential as a tool to support good habits. It is already becoming clear that as technology becomes more intertwined with our lives, it shapes our environments and our daily actions. That isn’t always positive, but there is immense power in the way technology can help us implement and reinforce healthy, beneficial habits.


I’m eager to see how the technology in our phones and in our homes will improve our sleep cycles and eating habits, and ultimately teach us more about how we can live in healthier balance as individuals and as a society.

For more information about Further Future, head to the site.

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