Illustrator Captures the Struggle of Adulting on Post-It Notes

Since their creation, Post-it Notes have hosted a variety of mini messages, from passive aggressive notes between roommates to reminders for doctor appointments. But Instagrammer InstaChaaz is now using the iconic canary-yellow notes to host his hysterically accurate illustrations of adulthood.

The man behind the account is Charles Hutton, a 31-year-old architect turned artist. Although he joined the Insta community less than a year ago, he’s already accrued over 100,000 followers and has a book of his work coming out in November.

So, what is it that makes this account so popular? Truth.

Scroll through the comments and you’ll repeatedly see followers applauding his brief but relatable illustrations. It’s as if Hutton’s tapped into the collective brain wave of all Generation-Y to doodle their anxieties.   

His illustrations capture #thestruggle and people can’t get enough. Whether it’s a venn diagram, a bar chart, or a cartoon, you’ll be sharing his work with all your friends.

It was this kind of sharing that spawned the account in the first place. Hutton had long been creating his bite-sized drawings and sharing them with friends through What’sApp.

He told the DailyMail in an interview, “After a while they all convinced me to put the drawings on Instagram, which I insisted was a terrible idea and that nothing would come of it.”

I’m sure he’s never been happier to be wrong.

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