This Is What Happens When You Give a Glue Gun to a Genius

While we don’t normally encourage people to pull the trigger of a gun, we’re amazed by what happens when Japanese artist shir0xxx picks up a gun. Well, a glue gun.

The artist is a cosplay queen whose fantastic costume creations are not just beautiful but also ingenious. Most recently, she’s set her Twitter followers abuzz with her latest hack, using glue to build props and costume pieces.

It all started when she tweeted an intriguing an alluring image of a glue gun and a spectrum of colored glues.

What followed were a series of reveals, showing her clever handiwork. Piping out elaborate shapes, she constructed various pieces, including an intricate crown and a detailed teapot, that you’d never suspect were made with plain old glue. It’s a great reminder of what you can do with a little material and a lot of creativity. 


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