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Maps Layered With Data Transform Into Art

I’ve never imagined utilizing maps for interior decorating, for fear I’d suffer flashbacks of dry geography classes. But given the opportunity, I’d cover all my walls in Paula Scher’s data-layered map art.

The New York-based graphic designer and artist transforms geography into art that’s as beautiful as it is informative.

Amongst the swirling sea of colors is an ocean of data. Scher uses acrylic and canvas to give multicolored landmasses depth, layering city names and population stats over street names—all on top topography.

The result, though not always factually accurate, provides a spot-on visual representation of each area’s vibe. Scher’s map of Manhattan manages to capture the cramped hustle of the city while retaining the captivating pull of the grid-based streets.

Her map of the United States captures the diversity of the nation through color. Though colors are repeated, they’re all slightly different depending on the amounts of information layered on top of each state.

Scher, who’s also a partner at the design firm Pentagram, painted her first map in 1989. Though she’d previously painted water colors, it was this map of the U.S. painted from memory that put her on the, well, map.

manhattan maps

layered maps of USA

layered india

[Via The Atlantic]

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