Cartoon Heroes Reimagined As Black Women Is Absolutely Brilliant

Los Angeles-based artist and illustrator Markus Prime is creating culture shift with the release of his book B.R.U.H.: Black Renditions of Universal Heroes. The 100-page sketchbook is filled with his collection of gender and race-swapped superheroes and anime characters. Some cartoons featured include a curly-haired Powerpuff Girl and some afro-rocking Super Saiyans.

B.R.U.H. Power Puff Girls

Prime told The Creators Project that “B.R.U.H. is a collection of images where [he] takes well-known superheroes and reimagines them as black women to explore the idea that representation matters.” Although the year is 2016, the representation of people of color is still limited, and Prime is working to change the traditional idea of a “Universal Hero.”

B.R.U.H. Dragon Ball Z

Prime’s illustrations began gaining traction five years ago on Facebook and Tumblr, which motivated him to pursue illustrating full time. His artwork embraces the beauty of blackness and is unapologetic. With the release of his sketchbook, Prime hopes “the images allow the reader to create their own narratives and stories.” In his mind, “A ‘Universal Hero’ has universal appeal, meaning he or she crosses social barriers and speaks to people across all races and backgrounds.” His collection is proof that empowerment and acceptance is a beautiful thing.

Check out more of his work here.

B.R.U.H. Cinderella B.R.U.H. Alice in Wonderland B.R.U.H. Spirited Away B.R.U.H. Sailor Moon robin B.R.U.H. Neighbor Totoro B.R.U.H. Kill Bill

[Via: The Creators Project]

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