See How Beautiful Brainwaves Look When Responding to Music

We know how the dance floor lights up when we hear our favorite jam, but what about our brains? Do our brainwaves have fancy footwork like our feet? Slovenian artists Črtomir Just, Matej Koncan, Ahac Ahac teamed up with BlackBox to experiment and the results will blow your mind.

The name of the neuro-art project is BrainDance, an art project that visualizes brainwave response to music. The data visualized is based on the team’s unique experiment.

Twenty volunteers were placed one by one in a black box and deprived of every sense, except for sound. For two minutes and nine seconds the volunteers’ brain waves were measured as they listened to a song they’d never heard before. The song, composed by Slovenian artist Kleemar, was arranged specifically for this experiment.

The creators say the goal of the project was “to bridge the gap between science and art.”

With the help of BlackBox, a brain-imaging tech company, the brainwaves of the volunteers were recorded and the results were printed onto B1 posters. Each poster used two colors to compare a person’s focus and flow while being exposed to new music. (Focus deals with concentration while flow relates to relaxation.) Of course, volunteers received copies of their brains.

The prints are interesting and beautiful, proving yet again, data doesn’t have to be dull.

brainwaves overview

volunteer close up

brainwave volunteer

brainwaves volunteer 2

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