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Artist Turns Tons of Personal Data Into Unique Installations

It’s not abnormal for artists to use their bodies to create art, but Katie Lewis’ data-driven installations take body art to a whole new level.

Each one of Lewis’s installations begins with her tracking data about her body daily, then mapping that data onto walls. Her maps transform that data into installation art through pins, string, and graphite.

“I am interested in how a controlled set of repeated actions can eventually lead the system to reach a breaking point—paper tears or is eaten away, walls starts to crumble, and thread becomes an impenetrable net. The rigidly controlled structure begins to collapse through seemingly benign and inconsequential actions creating unpredictable results,” she says in her artist statement.

It is often unclear to the viewer exactly what data is being tracked and why. Keeping the subject vague allows viewers to bring their own meaning to her personal display of data. To Lewis, the process is more important.

In an interview with Sierra Nevada College Tahoe, Lewis explains, “It’s very unscientific, but that’s kind of the point.”

Through this process, Lewis begins with personal information that transforms into art that both she and the viewer can apply to the surrounding world.


accumulation installation

Process of Accumulation

data installation art

Data points from Lewis’s Process of Accumulation

wide shot data installation

Lewis’s 201 Days

data installation pins

Close up of 201 Days 

Data from 201 Days

201/1206 Days

See more of Lewis’ work on her site.

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