30,000 Flowers Create an Amazing Installation in a Berlin Shopping Mall

Spring has sprung—and in the Bikini Berlin shopping mall in Germany, it has sprung indoors. To celebrate the green season, London-based artist Rebecca Louise Law has created a large-scale flower installation that is truly breathtaking.

Law specializes in creating work from natural elements—think flowers, twigs, branches—to explore the relationship between humans and nature. For the Garten installation, she reimagined the traditional spring garden, bringing it into a commercial space.


Using 30,000 flowers donated by Tollwasblumenmachen, Law individually pieced together garlands with the blooms and copper wire. She then suspended the strands from the ceiling, petals facing down, allowing viewers to experience the full beauty as they pass under it.

“The installation is designed to be an inviting, enchanting celebration of the outdoors and of spring color,’ Law told Design Bloom. “We decided to name the sculpture simply ‘Garten’ (the german word for garden) in keeping with the simple, understated post-war design statement made by the Bikini Berlin building itself.’

While the fresh flowers are a sight to behold, the installation will transform as the blooms dry in place. By the time the display ends on May 1st, they will take on a second life, reflecting the never-ending evolution of nature.

rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-010 rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-09 rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-08 rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-07 rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-06 rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-05 rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-04 rebecca-louise-law-floral-installation-garten-bikini-berlin-concept-mall-designboom-03

All images courtesy Bikini Berlin.

To see more of Law’s work, visit her site.

[Via Design Bloom]
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