Paint, Oil, Milk, and Soap Take You to a Colorful Dimension in This Video

Forget meditation. Sometimes all you need is a colorful masterpiece to get you into a Zen state. If you’re feeling a little stressed today, this delectable video is just what you need.

Made with only paint, oil, milk and soap liquid, Thomas Blanchard‘s short video Memories of Painting is a kaleidoscope of color, texture, and sweet tunes by Bronix. (If you were a Spin Art fiend as a kid, you might die of joy.) It’s equally stimulating and soothing, as bubbles of paint bump and glide together, shades swirl around each other, and sheets of liquid bloom. The colors are astounding, ranging from cool blues and lavenders to vivid pops of technicolor hues, but the textures are what really get you.

The production value is excellent, but it turns out the process wasn’t as elaborate as you might think.

“I filmed the painting with a Canon 550D camera using a macro lens,” Blanchard told The Creators Project. “I poured the milk and paint on a plate, and it’s a drop of dishwashing liquid that animates the painting. The chemical reaction is funny and practical. The small planets are made with paint mixed with rapeseed oil.”

We love it when amazing things come from the most simple elements. Enjoy the video below; it’s the most delightful 4 minutes and 29 seconds you can imagine.

Via The Creators Project

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